A blog revamp

Since I have not much time to update some of my blogs, I decided to let go of some of the idle ones. It came to my attention that more effort must be put on sites that have potentials and had to let go on some that is not performing well. (search engine wise) - it is most likely that I will keep this blog Slacker Makes Money and HOPE to earn more moolah using this blog. I will be making a blog revamp soon and since I am currently studying another money making method online, this is one thing that I could atleast do to make my blog work and have a-hopefully-constant income for myself.

So be sure to be back at this site again and I will post some interesting topics that you might want to read.

A Slacker That Makes Money... but not much. lol.

Whats that Pokemon

It is almost a decade.. or more, that Pokemon emerge and rule the Anime scene for quite some time. It is because of the uniqueness of the story line. Who would really wonder that children would capture a pet or pokemon then make them battle with each other. If there is a show, there is also a game. You can Download A Pokemon Game on PC easily if you bought the software. It has a manual for you to look and follow.

If you are a fanatic to the Pokemon anime, you should get the video game, and Download it on your system.. fast. Dont be left behind.

Watch Manny Pacquiao VS Ricky Hatton Video Live Online

The time has come.

It is one of the most anticipated bout this 2009. You can watch the Video here and see the the video replay here. Watch Manny Pacquiao VS Ricky Hatton Video Live Online now and see who wins.

Update: I just watched the video, guess who won. now you can Watch Manny Pacquiao VS Ricky Hatton Video Replay Online. Relive the moment who the big fight. 2 rounds baby.. 2 rounds!!

Jobs Abroad anyone?

There is an ongoing global crisis today and people are losing tenure, and what better way to survive is to look for job somewhere else. May that be an overseas work, there is an Employment Abroad Philippines that is waiting for you. Just log in to your favorite search engines, insert the keyphrase (this is important) Employment Abroad Philippines and see the results for yourself, you will actually see a lot of sites offering this kinds of service.

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