XMen Origins: Wolverine Movie Hits May 1st

On May 1st, XMen Origins: Wolverine will be aired to cinemas here in our place. I have this dilemma if I would want to watch it on its first night. For sure, the place will be jampacked that we would be like sardines in a can. lol. If ever, we might go on a Sunday night. How about you? Will you watch it on its first night. I might just watch other movies instead, Monsters VS Aliens is still up, maybe we will watch it first then come back again in a day or two just to watch XMEN, I have watched all the three movies and I find it very cool. I am a MARVEL Comics addict and I really love Marvel stories and characters.

Huwell, In fortnight, It will be showed, I just hope there will be no mics hanging over the scenes.. lol.

Fast and the Furious Movie Cars

I saw the Fast and Furious Movie today and kept on searching on what the Fast and the Furious Cars are on the scenes. My sister insisted that the blue car that was driven by paul walker was a Scion Car, but I searched and saw that the car was no other than a Subaru Car. The compact car that was featured there was a blue Subaru Car.

If you haven't seen the Fast and the Furious movie, you should watch it now. Go to your favorite big screens today and watch it. You will never regret it.

Naruto Hinata Hyuga

The name hinata Hyuga is a character on a popular anime Naruto. A member of the Team 8 wherein it lacks self confidence. Hinata is always hesitant to speak out what she thinks or to do things that might have a conflict with another character thus, making it difficult for her whenever a mission is at hand. This results in her effective expulsion from her clan even though she is the eldest daughter of the Hyuga clan's leader and the heiress to the clan. She was disowned by her father at a very young age because of Hinata's inability to fight for herself It was a plan of Masahi Kishimoto that Hinata would be a member of the Huga clan, but then had second thoughts and made her a ninja instead..

Naruto Hinata

Hinata's training become powerful that overcome her own weakness, improve her strengths, and prove to her father her worth.. Her efforts begin to prove successful towards the end of Part I, as her father takes a greater interest in her training.