XMen Origins: Wolverine Movie Hits May 1st

On May 1st, XMen Origins: Wolverine will be aired to cinemas here in our place. I have this dilemma if I would want to watch it on its first night. For sure, the place will be jampacked that we would be like sardines in a can. lol. If ever, we might go on a Sunday night. How about you? Will you watch it on its first night. I might just watch other movies instead, Monsters VS Aliens is still up, maybe we will watch it first then come back again in a day or two just to watch XMEN, I have watched all the three movies and I find it very cool. I am a MARVEL Comics addict and I really love Marvel stories and characters.

Huwell, In fortnight, It will be showed, I just hope there will be no mics hanging over the scenes.. lol.