Are There Nintendo Ds Games Free Download

Are you tired of searching for games for your Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite? It is quite hard to find Nintendo DS Games Free Download from sites despite the vast informational space of the Internet. I have been searching for free games myself and found a few sites that offer a download of games. It is a gold mine, the site I mean if it really offered a link where you can find your favorite games for your DS.

One quick tip though, you can buy the R4 revolution for the DS - you can search it with yahoo search engine to find out more about it. The next thing you can do is search for sites that offer Nintendo DS Games Free Download - that may be a blog that has link resources for another site where you can actually download the game for free. It is some kind of rare and really hard to find but those sites really exists.

Nintendo DS Games do exist but very hard to find but once you have found a site, you won't be paying anything (but that is kind of rare). You may try searching your favorite search engine like Bing, Yahoo and the Big G. (you know what I mean)

I will try to provide links as soon as I have found some, so be sure to be back here

[link 1]
[link 2]

Cafe World Cheats Scavenged

There are many circulating blogs posts about the Cafe World Cheats? The only question is that "Are cheats really available for this game?"

Cafe World Cheats are optimized by many other bloggers that gives relevant information about the game. So, Im jumping in the wagon and try if there is really traffic for this keyword.

So much for speculations, here is the Cafe World Cheats that the title promised

Cafe World Cheat 1

Trap that freaking waiter - You can trap the waiter, may that be on one corner. You want to to do this for the reason that food will instantly be served on the tables without them [waiters] going near your customers saving you time and effort by the waiter. lol

Cafe World Cheat 2

Unlimited stove plus counters

I have seen this cheat myself, I have been researching on how to do this and found out that a certain software is necessary in order for this cheat to work. I will be posting this in a separate blog post soon after I have done my research. Also, one tip, you can search Youtube for actual video tips for Cafe World.

As for you people who still looking for Cafe World Tips and Cheats, be sure to be back here in my blog for I will be posting other cheats soon.