How Fast Can You Write Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

I have always known by my relatives as a fast writer. I can type as fast as 55 or fifty-five words per minute with a 5% chance of error. Going back on how I managed to typed that fast. I remembered when I was still in grade school, that I used to chat on MIRC and have this hobby of typing the lyrics of songs while singing to it. It is quite amusing on my part. But now, I have found some sites offering computer users to type fast. I stumbled on one site wherein you can actually learn to type fast in a short span of time. I also learned that this is free. A free Mavis Beacon teaches Typing Download is available throughout the internet. To get this, you just have to search on your favorite browser this keyword, Free Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Download and look for legitimate sites that offer the download.

Goodluck. and oh, this is NOT a paid post.