Brock Lesnar VS Frank Mir 2 Video Replay and Post-Fight Attitude

Did you miss UFC 100?! I was doing a lot of work yesterday and missed the whole fight. So, here I am trying to patiently look for a Brock Lesnar VS Frank Mir 2 Video Replay. But what is the fuzz about Brock having an attitude over the ring after the fight. I have seen a lot of videos regarding Brock Lesnar giving the audience, even the sponsors a "WWE Attitude" - Very unprofessional I might say. You can find an article here in yahoo called the lesnar show. Where some of the stories been published on what really happened after the fight.

What Brock Lesnar did after the fight:

  • Gave a bad sign to audience watching the fight
  • Insults the Sponsor - "I’m drinking a cooler full of Coors Light, Coors Light because Bud Light won’t pay me anything.”
  • Even said - “Hell, I might even get on top of my wife tonight.”
These antics were very unprofessional in my honest opinion. It was even said in the news that the president didn't like what he really did over the show. He was confronted by the president Dana White and made a huge public apology about the matter.

Brock is the perfect villain in UFC, some may like him or love him. I have read a comment over the UFC website that he will not watch UFC fights if Brock is on the list. LMFAO to that.

Im still trying to Watch Brock Lesnar VS Frank Mir 2 Video Replay and if ever I coudn't find one, I will just wait for the replay on the cable.

I have found in youtube the previous fight of Brock Lesnar VS Frank Mir: