Not being loved - Not Losing hope

This is an update on my last blog post about Project Strimfurdoom. It was started last December 9, and as of today, it has been indexed but not stickied yet by the big G. This is kind of frustrating, but Im not losing hope.

Today I have introduced to a new venture or should I say a new level of marketing. There are lots of multi level marketing forums on the internet, and one of them is Warriorforum. What I like about the forum is that there are honest reviewers. A lot of newbies enter the forum thus giving the the real deal, or their experience with the tools and other products. Since they are a little bit less experienced, they tend to give honest reviews.... or not?!

Anyhoo, just a quick follow up about my Project Strimfurdoom and hoping this blog will be loved again by the big G!

cheers everyone and advance Happy Holidays.