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I have been busy for quite some time, for almost a year and never really have gotten back to my old blogs. That is the consequence when I tried venturing to some more "profitable" businesses. My friend once told me not to burn bridges... and my old sites are some of my bridges.. It opened to a new stream of income which not everyone is taking advantage of. Im not sure, if they are just too lazy for some online businesses require no other skills than just writing.

Project Strimfurdoom commencing!

So I have started writing again my old blogs. updating some niche sites and other general blogs that hopefully would catch up on the search engine results pages and be loved by the big G again. So this is slacker makes money V.2.0 commencing.

Still, I will keep the niche of this blog and that is to share how to make money online. Actually, I have read this saying once from a friend, and I like it much - "Making Money Online One Dollar at a Time." Great is it not?

Now go start your own and make some monies now. If you happen not to know where to start, you can search G about Make Money Online and you will see amazing stories and other know hows about the business.

Dont forget and be sure to be back here for I will update project Strimfurdoom every now and then and will definitely share some how to's (beginner friendly) of course!